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Professionally, comparing total compensation packages can be quite daunting. There are just so many variables to manage: salary, bonuses, employee benefits and costs, vacation plans, 401K, long-term incentives, golden handcuffs, relocation programs, cost-of-living differences, severance packages, and often more.

To make matters worse, a great deal of money and energy has been invested to get to this point. It takes a major investment of key stakeholders’ time to source prospects, screen candidates, then conduct several rounds of interviews in order to narrow the field down to “the one” candidate finalist.

It is a huge shame and can cost an organization substantially, especially when you lose the candidate that the hiring team has confirmed will be a great prospective hire. Therefore, now at the finish line, it would be the absolute worst place to fail. Sadly, the offer-failure rate is way too high.

The best way to avoid having your offer rejected is by ensuring you make a well-thought-out and well-delivered offer.

So, what makes an offer "acceptable"? It’s all about strategy!

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all offer process.

Putting together a motivating offer depends strongly on the individual and what the exact circumstances are for your finalist at this specific point in time.

It’s vital to fully uncover what is driving your finalist's needs, wants, and motivations.

You must collect, organize, and compare all the data that helps you understand what it will take to get a strong yes. No doubt, much easier said than done!

That's why Ropella has developed the SMART Compensation Comparison Calculator, backed by a powerful Offer and Acceptance Strategy.

This proprietary software compiles all the complex total compensation factors, as described above. The SMART CCC places each line item side-by-side; comparing current compensation against potential offer and driving you towards a logical total compensation package.

The calculator applies a mathematical dollar value conversion for every line item and visually displays how your intended offer compares to the candidate's current package or any other competing offers. Candidate gains show up in green and losses show up in red, making it very clear where the holes are that need to be plugged.

Additionally, our accompanying white paper explains how to develop relationships during the hiring process.

We develop relationships early on and throughout the interview process to determine what’s motivating the finalist and what kind of offer they would

  • A) definitely accept and lock-in a start date for… versus what offer they would…
  • B) have to think about and/or continue comparing to others… and what offer…
  • C) they would definitely walk away from and be highly disappointed in.

With this strategic approach, you learn right upfront the response you'll get before you even make an offer presentation.

At Ropella, we close 95% of the offer and acceptance processes we run for our clients.

Are you curious how your offer-acceptance rate compares in your organization?

If it's NOT close to 95%, let's talk about how Ropella can help drive the ROI of your hiring.

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