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The exclusive approach is designed to make the recruitment process more of a win/win for both the client and the search firm. Progressive corporations are continuing to follow the Japanese model, which advocates closer relationships with preferred vendors, which in turn results in higher quality products and services. The client-search firm relationship is improved when resources are focused on quality search work, rather than repeated shoot-outs between competing search firms. Clients gain by knowing with whom they are dealing and what to expect.

The Benefits are Significant

Save Time - Each recruiter you talk to about your opening, requires that you take time out of your busy schedule, to outline the position responsibilities, candidate requirements, compensation parameters, recruiting targets and your approach to the hiring process. Work with one recruiter per “position listing” and you only need to go through this process once.

Keep Control - No two recruiters have the same client service approach, or level of professionalism. Each recruiter needs to know who they can talk to in your organization for help and who they can’t and what companies to recruit from on your behalf and which ones to avoid. It’s also much easier to control confidential searches, when you have one recruiter involved. It can get real messy when you work with recruiters who don’t know or don’t care how you want to work.

Get Results - When you’re considering working with a recruiter ask him if he networks with other recruiters. We do. For the past 8 years we have screened out many sloppy and unethical recruiters and have successfully networked with recruiters all around the globe. Each is a specialist in his own right. Some recruiters work regionally (North East, US, Europe, etc.) Some work functionally (sales, manufacturing, senior executive levels, etc.), and some by markets (chemicals industry, paint & coating additives, surfactants, etc.) Per your searches particular needs, we screen the best qualified network affiliates, as part of the search process, we network with recruiters, consultants, associations and outplacement firms among other networking sources to uncover leads to prospective candidates. We control all contact with the network and coordinate any split fee arrangements that might take place behind the scenes, rarely are you ever even aware if networking has occurred. The clear benefit is, that you get exposure to all of the potentially qualified candidates available, as if you had worked with each recruiter consultants, associations, etc… yourself, but fortunately you avoid all the headaches outlined below.

Improve Your Image - You probably wouldn’t be to thrilled to find a recruiter had submitted your resume to a company without your knowledge or prior approval - right? When in a multiple recruiter “race” many recruiters feel compelled to do just this. They think whoever submits the resume becomes the representative of the candidate. The problem with this approach is this: One of the other recruiters you also asked to work the assignment calls on one of these “previously submitted” but uncontacted candidates. The professional recruiter invests time to professionally present your company and opportunity, then qualifies the candidate, and receives an “up to date” resume and probably even a cover letter for submission. A candidate represented in this manner becomes loyal to the professional recruiter and secure with the approach to recruiting your company is utilizing.

Therefore, our policy is to never present candidates to our clients without speaking to all candidates first. Candidate’s first impressions are extremely important. Professionals prefer to work with “retained” or “exclusive” recruiters and are typically very careful with whom they will share their resumes. Don’t let unethical recruiters make your company look sloppy in the eyes of prospective candidates. Use an exclusive approach for each assignment and you eliminate the need for the outdated “first submission gets the fee” policy.