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October 2008

We’ve Moved


We have just a few more boxes to unpack, but we are now in our new corporate headquarters.

Now we can stretch out some with the room and infrastructure needed to accommodate our continuing growth. If you happen to be traveling in Northwest Florida, give us a call and stop by for a visit.


Listen to Avoid a Disastrous Hiring Mistake


Active listening occurs when you hear beyond the speaker’s words and listen for the meaning, and even more so when you search for the context, intent, and feelings behind the message.

When it comes to evaluating potential candidates, especially senior level talent, no skill is more critical than active listening. Yet according to some studies, we actively listen only about 30% of the time. In other words, we are missing out on as much as 70% of the information people are conveying during the interview process.

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Plan to Succeed: Three key criteria of a meaningful strategic plan

In 1980, Fortune Magazine published a prestigious list of the top 100 American public corporations based on revenues. By 2001, 26% of these companies were no longer on the list. Some were no longer even in business.

The question is: did these companies plan to fail, or simply fail to plan?

If you asked their key executives, they would likely tell you that the companies struggled with strategic planning—the critical process of defining clear organizational goals and developing strategies to reach them. A strategic plan gives a company its direction, helping its leaders navigate the often-treacherous waters of today’s ever-changing marketplace.

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Q How do I raise the caliber of performance in my organization?

A Implement a performance management system to keep all systems in tune. Involving your employees in a systematic process improves organizational effectiveness and makes evertyhing run more smoothly.

  • Meet with your managers at least once a week for no longer than 20 minutes.
  • During weekly meetings, ask for updates on the best and worst things that happened the week before.
  • Specifically ask your direct reports what they will need from you to be successful this week.
  • Continually remind employees of the big picture and show how their actions directly affect the company’s success.
  • Never ignore Murphy’s Law. Things can and will go wrong. Maximize the potential for success by anticipating problems and setting contingency plans.
  • Implement reward systems that provide tangible incentives when employees achieve measurable results.

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We have a network of experts in an array of industries and functional areas, ready with the experience, insight, and solutions you need.

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We are constantly searching for people to fill a broad range of open positions in the global chemical and technology industries—and the first place we look is our own network.

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Recent Placements

National Starch and Chemical Company
National Sales Manager

Aquea Scientific
Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

Georgia Pacific
Director of Commercial Development and Marketing, Chemicals

Senior Director of Product Development and Innovation

Gojo Industries
Product Development Director

National Starch and Chemical Company
Strategic Account Manager


Current Searches

Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing Components

Vice President of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Construction Materials

Segment Marketing Manager, Pulp and Paper

Global Marketing Manager, Specialty Chemicals

Innovation Scientist, Specialty Chemicals

Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Construction Materials

Project Leader, Skin Care Technical Service, Specialty Chemicals

Senior Director of Product Development and Innovation, Forestry Products

Director of Applications Development, Specialty Chemicals

Senior Manager of Innovation, Forestry Products

Detergent Applications Chemist, Specialty Chemicals


Let's Get Together

We're planning on attending upcoming industry events:

Amelia Island, Florida
October 19–21

Supply Side West
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 22-24

ERE Expo
Hollywood Beach, Florida
October 28-30

International Distillers Grains Conference & Trade Show
Indianapolis, Indiana
October 19-21

If you're planning on attending, let us know and we'll get together and review your recruiting, retention and development strategies.

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