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August 2008

Shorter Name

You might have noticed we dropped the "& Associates" from our name and updated our look. With all the other improvements we've been making, it seemed like the time to make a change. The last few years have blessed Ropella with tremendous growth in our executive search business, but we've also been busy expanding our service offerings…

Expanded Services

Our big news this year is the launch of the Ropella Leadership Transformation and Organizational Improvement team. Ropella is ready to help transform your organization’s creativity, productivity and alignment by improving core leadership skills—the foundation of innovation and organizational improvement.

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Attracting job candidates that “walk the walk,” not just “talk the talk”

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If you're old enough to remember Leave It To Beaver, or if you've caught a re-run on “Nick at Nite,” you know who Eddie Haskell is. He's Wally's smooth talking friend, and no matter what trouble he may have caused, he was always able to charm his way past Mrs. Cleaver. Now before you say, “what does this have to do with me,” consider this: There are a lot of “Eddie Haskell's” out there…

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Is it time to resign?

Download ImagesYou’ve decided to make a change because your present position and/or company doesn’t offer the potential for growth you seek. You have looked at your decision to change both logically and emotionally, and it’s the emotional decision that is the hardest. That old axiom, “don’t let your heart rule your mind” is much easier to say than do. But the fact remains, your needs are not being satisfied! Sure, the company has helped you progress professionally; sure, you’ve made many new friends; sure, you even feel comfortable because you can handle the job well.

However, when your objectives and goals are being run off track, it's time to make a change. Here are a few points to consider…

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Q I want to work with people who like their job. What should I look for when interviewing for a job?

A Unsatisfied employees are difficult to work with and eventually take a toll on your personal happiness. While some companies invest in formal initiatives to boost job satisfaction, the long-term solution is a good management team. Look for these qualities in management you meet:

  • A hiring practice that spans beyond your skill set. Make sure the interviewer asks about your personal goals and expectations. They should be looking for employees who fit their company culture, not only the job description.
  • An appreciation for training and learning. People feel energized and satisfied with their work when management opens doors for professional enhancement.
  • A smiling staff with a sense of humor. Management should find small ways to make each day enjoyable to keep stress and unhappiness at bay.

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New Career Portal Online

We are constantly searching for people to fill a broad range of open positions in the global chemical and technology industries—and the first place we look is our own network.

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Recent Placements

Aquea Scientific
Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

Georgia Pacific
Director of Commercial Development and Marketing, Chemicals

Senior Director of Product Development and Innovation

Gojo Industries
Product Development Director

National Starch and Chemical Company
Strategic Account Manager


Current Searches

Marketing Director, Specialty Chemicals

Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing Components

Innovation Scientist, Specialty Chemicals

Director of Strategic Sourcing, Cleaning

Head Application Center, Specialty Chemicals

Director of Research and Development, Packaging

Senior Director of Product Development and Innovation, Forestry Products

Biotech Project Director, Lab Equipment

Product Development Director, Polymers

Operations Manager, Liquid Coatings

Key Account Manager, Personal Care

Director of Strategic Planning, Powder Coatings


Let's Get Together

We're planning on attending upcoming industry events:

American Chemical Society (ACS)
Fall 2008 National Meeting & Exposition
August 17-21, 2008
Philadelphia, PA

HBA Global Exposition & Conference
September 9-11, 2008
New York, NY

Contract Pharma Contracting and Outsourcing Conference
September 25-26, 2008
New Brunswick, NJ

If you're planning on attending, let us know and we'll get together and review your recruiting, retention and development strategies.

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