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Joining the Ropella Group is like joining a new family. Numerous team building exercises and outings bring Ropella’s team members together so that working together just comes naturally. Productivity is driven through investing in people. Each member of Ropella feels his or her own unique role in building the company’s success. Families come first at Ropella, and employees are encouraged to have a healthy work-life balance.
New hires will be welcomed into the Ropella family with specialized and individual onboarding attention, rather than outmoded “orientation” methods. Regular performance reviews and opportunities for advancement promote a solid foundation for success and an environment for a fulfilling career. As we like to say: We work together; we learn together, and we play together.
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Skills vs Attitudes:

What's more important: Skills or Attitude? "We hire for attitude and train for skills" is the motto of South West Airlines, and we think they're on to something great. Here at Ropella, we know the best team members are not necessarily those with the most credentials - they are the ones with great character and attitude.

Essential Attitudes:

  • Humility At All Times
  • Honesty To A Fault
  • Hunger to Succeed
  • Common Sense Smart
  • Eager to Learn and Improve

A Great Ropella Employee Is:

  • Well Organized
  • Self Disciplined
  • A Focused Listener
  • A Sales Professional
  • A Relationship Builder
  • Interested In Mastering Work
Standards of Behavior:

I am focused on meeting client expectations and following directions from my direct supervisor.

  • I will represent the Ropella Group professionally in a respectful manner in all areas of communication: emails, phone calls, and face to face meetings.
  • I will protect our client’s corporate privacy and candidate’s personal information privacy.
  • I will make every effort to address our clients' and candidates' needs and wants, while promoting a positive Ropella experience. I’m all about aligning expectations.

I conduct myself responsibly.

  • I take ownership for my work, and will follow-up diligently with all assigned tasks and searches.
  • I arrive to work on time, avoid distractions, and stay until work is completed.
  • I provide timely notice about vacations.
  • I follow the Ropella dress code.
  • I hold in confidence all private Ropella Group information.

I recognize and reward the contributions of others.

  • I treat everyone with respect.
  • I support and recognize positive qualities of all members of the Ropella Group.
  • I value the contributions of all members of the team regardless of job, role, or title.
  • I recognize and encourage positive behaviors.

I passionately pursue excellent performance.

  • I bring enthusiasm to and show that I enjoy the work I do.
  • I perform my job with excellence.
  • I seek out learning opportunities to enhance my skills and ability to serve.
  • I share my knowledge with others.
  • I follow all policies and procedures.
  • I recognize change for improvement is necessary.
  • I ask for help if a concern is beyond my knowledge, ability, or scope of authority.

I accept ownership of the organization’s success.

  • I work towards Ropella Group’s financial success.
  • I use resources (time, personnel, and equipment) wisely.
  • I take personal responsibility for Ropella Group’s successful fulfillment of its mission and goals.
  • I stay current with Ropella Group communications.
  • I promote cooperation between departments/sites.
  • I take the initiative in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of Ropella Group’s facilities.

I communicate effectively.

  • I listen openly, and acknowledge others’ ideas and concerns in a respectful manner.
  • When I have questions or concerns on issues, I present them directly to the individual in question and try to resolve it directly and professionally. If not resolved I then notify my direct supervisor. At no time do I pull others who are not involved into back office debates, backstabbing, or gossip.

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