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Interviewing Tips

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Ask Questions—Employers Like to be Interviewed, Too!

Have a list, don’t cross examine, make them job related, ask open ended questions (who, what, when, where, how) that require an explanation.

1. Interest questions pertain to job opportunity, the company, its people, and its products/services.

2. Job satisfaction questions pertain to importance of job, responsibility and authority, recognition and career potential.

3. Past performance questions concentrate on people who previously held the position, their performance and where they are today.

4. Sales questions help you determine the kind of person the employer wants to hire in terms of education, experience, future performance and personality. When you understand the kind of person the employer wants to hire, you can then say, “I can do the job you want done because I’ve done it before and have done it well.” Or describe your compensating asset and/or education.

5. Ask for the job. “I can do what you want done and I want the job!”

6. Avoid questions relating to salary, fringe benefits, vacations and retirement until the job is offered and you have talked with your recruiter.

Dress Properly

For men: conservative suit, white shirt, contrasting tie, shoes shined, socks over calf. For women: skirted suit, or dress with matching jacket, neutral colored hose, simple pumps, minimum make-up.

After the Interview

Contact your executive recruiter immediately after interview and communicate what transpired. If you’re interested in the position, your recruiter will help you get it.

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