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An organization's talent acquisition struggles are rarely unique to a single role; more often, they are the result of a deficit in the larger strategy. We can offer our help in filling the single problem position, but that transactional approach bars us from making a significant impact on the underlying strategy. This is where Ropella's SMART Team Building/RPO outshines other executive search firms. We offer solutions to improve an organization's entire talent acquisition strategy.

What is Ropella's SMART Team Building/RPO?

Ropella's SMART Team Building/RPO includes the foundational elements of executive search and adds consulting and training for your management team. We provide a variety of training and consulting services to both hiring managers and HR leaders, including:

  • Applying SMART Search Strategies before any search is launched
  • Sharing best practices with HR teams on how to effectively partner with their hiring managers
  • Developing engaging job descriptions and SMART Opportunity Marketing Pieces for every search run
  • Creating Custom Skills Surveys so you can determine who the A-players are from all the rest
  • Training executives on how to better court the best candidates during the interview process
  • Sharing and demonstrating our best candidate relationship-building strategies
  • Helping HR leaders sidestep complex compensation challenges
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Key Components of Ropella’s SMART Team Building/RPO

Employer brand and onboarding are two key components that set Ropella's SMART Team Building/RPO apart from our executive search processes. These two endeavors have a significant impact on the success or failure of your hiring efforts. While employer brand is the single most important factor in attracting and hiring the best professionals in your industry, a great onboarding experience is the single most important factor in retaining that top talent.

What’s the ROI of SMART Team Building/RPO

Every day a position sits open, it costs your organization time, money, and other resources. We have developed time-tested calculators below to help our clients evaluate the real ROI of Team Building/RPO.

When comparing these losses and costs, there becomes a ROI of Team Building/RPO. This ROI justifies Ropella’s SMART Team Building/RPO solution, simply for financial reasons alone.

In an economy where open positions greatly outnumber active candidates, strategic recruiting allows you to build your talent pool into your organization's strongest competitive advantage.