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Robbie Ropella is the best in helping people to advance their career, and in assisting employers to get the best candidate they search for. I have been commuting between two states for four years when Robbie called me for an open position close to my family, though it is the first time we talked, she makes me feel like I’m talking to a good friend. She was so enthusiastic to help me and to give me valuable guidance on each step of the application process: from completing the required questionnaire for the position, providing interview tips, reviewing presentation slides for the interview, etc…  She walked me through each step providing a clear vision: helping me to feel better about how best to present myself for the position. Dear Robbie, you are the best!  I can’t thank you enough for your help with my career advancement.

Ying He,
Claims Substantiation Chemist
Inolex Chemical

It was just a week ago now that I successfully completed my probation period. Things are looking great here and I am glad I joined Niacet at this moment of upward developments. I want to thank you and Elise for reaching out to me few months ago. By introducing me at Niacet, you were able to make a brilliant match, no matter the distance between your team and the local Niacet organization in Tiel, Netherlands. I particularly appreciated your persevering and thorough yet respectful ways, which allowed us to overcome challenges along the recruitment process. Ultimately this resulted in a very fruitful liaison. One that was only possible by the great work of you and your team. Eric, thank you!

Kristian Zuur,
Engineering Manager

I highly recommend Ropella as an executive recruiter for their expertise, coaching process, and follow-up. They placed me in my current position and the opportunity was exactly what I was seeking with a great company.

Timothy Kittler,
Marketing Manager, Coatings

My experience with Ropella has been a very positive one. The information that you made available on your website helped me to prepare for the interview and prepare my letter of resignation to my previous employer. Additionally, the site contained a lot of valuable information on preparation of resumes, thank you letters, and evaluating and responding to job offers. I felt very secure with Ropella and the level of competence and professionalism displayed was indeed comforting.

Teresa Holliday,
West Coast Sales Manager
Roquette America, Inc.

In a very tight industry niche and a difficult job market, where it is not easy for experienced professionals to find quality employment and the right career challenges, Ropella has shown remarkable insight to match precisely what candidates have to offer with what employees demand. In my opinion, it is exactly this quality that is unmatched in the recruiting business and makes all the difference.

Roy Rojas-Wahl,
Sr. Research Chemist
GE Silicones

Just wanted to thank you again for your professional services… Your approach to problem solving key issues was certainly the driving force in having an offer presented. In the past I have used many professional placement agencies for filling sales and marketing positions, but yours was a first class experience with a personal touch.

Ronald B. Toronyi,
Director of Marketing

Many thanks to you and the staff at Ropella & Associates for all the work they have done on my behalf.  The content at your web site and the personal conversations were very helpful… I followed much of your advice during the interview and negotiation process.

Richard T. Zvosec,
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
NanoProducts Corporation

It has been a pleasure to work with your organization. Your professionalism and dilligence in finding the right opportunities to fit my career path was second to none. In my new position, I also intend on using your services for screening the type of quality candidates you represent.

Peter A. Landa,
Research Manager Hair & Skin Care
Croda International
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