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I’m a Temp. How Do I Become a Permanent Employee?

Businesses hire temporary workforce for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes these positions lead to full-time opportunities.  Here are a few tips to increase your value in the company and improve your chances of staying on permanently:

  • Temporary staff is often hired to alleviate overworked employees.  Cover the everyday duties assigned to you so co-workers learn to depend on your help.
  • Track your activities in a daily time log and use the record to evaluate your critical contributions to the company.
  • Notice how long you’ve been working in a particular position.  If you’re needed in one spot for more than six months, suggest that the company hire you permanently.
  • Point out the learning curve required for the position you filled.  It might be worthwhile for the company to bring you in full time to eliminate a productivity gap resulting from rapid turnover of temporary employees.


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