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10 Business Days to Qualified Candidates

The average job opening attracts about 250 resumes – a great majority that are not even close matches. We deliver extremely well-qualified executives who meet your search parameters, typically within 10 business days.

80% First-Offer Acceptance Rate

Based on research and 35+ years of experience, we know offers extended by hiring managers and/or HR leaders result in approximately a 40% rejection rate and typically require two weeks to wrap up (our executive search competitors average closer to 30% and a week). Because of our SMART Compensation, Benefits, and Relocation Assessment System and our proprietary Compensation Comparison Calculator, we get 90% of our offers accepted in the first round and within three business days.

60 Business Days Speed to Placement

We understand the real cost of a vacant position and know-how critical it is to find the right hire, right away. We know from our clients that the average time it takes our competitors and HR recruiting teams is well over 90 days to complete a search.

95% Search Completion Rate

We can find highly specialized, passive candidates that you and other recruiters can’t find on your own. We also work very quickly, resulting in extremely high completion rates. 76% of hiring decision-makers report a concern or challenge in attracting and hiring passive candidates and find well over 30% of their openings remain open for six months or more.

98% Long-Term Stick Rate

Replacing an employee can cost anywhere from 16% to 213% of the individual’s salary. Our process ensures that the company and executive are both carefully assessed for fit and that expectations are clearly aligned for both parties, resulting in long-term matches.

36% One-Year Promotion Rate

Our Smart Search System helps us find the executives who meet all your search parameters and (more importantly) can help your business reach desired goals. We ensure matches that grow and promote within your company for the long haul.

65% Annual Rate of Repeat Business

Precise and predictable hiring results mean our clients return to us repeatedly with their executive hiring challenges — a win for everyone involved.

The Ropella Group has negotiated $50+ million dollars in total compensation plans for our clients and executive candidates in the past three years.