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Discover the 5 Myths Sabotaging Your Hiring Strategy

As you know, vacant positions are extremely costly to your organization.

But even the best talent acquisition teams and executive search consultants need time to find highly qualified candidates to fill your open position. Ropella has one of the fastest track records in the industry, with your first slate of candidates being presented within 10 business days, and a 60 day average time to completion.

But if you need help NOW, a consultant or interim executive to show up tomorrow — Ropella can engage a syndicate of consultants and interim executives who are more than qualified to fill the gap immediately.

What are Interim Executives?

Ropella's Interim Executives are highly qualified leaders who are ready to step in on short notice - within 24-48 hours - and begin contributing on their first day. Their placements are temporary, typically 3 to 6 months.

Although Ropella matches you with an executive in our network, the Interim Executive is your full-fledged employee during this period. They are there to manage through change, rather than to consult or advise, and are thus fully accountable for their results. (They can even help with selection and onboarding of your permanent hire, if you need that assistance.)

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Why do organizations use Interim Executives or Consultants?

There are several situations in which utilizing an Interim Executive or Consultant can be beneficial to an organization.

  • Filling the gap when a critical position is unexpectedly vacated
  • Integrating or launching new products and /or entering new markets
  • Providing guidance and stability through a period of organizational change
  • Driving innovation to shake up the status quo
  • Assessing and overhauling an underperforming department or individuals
  • Preparing an organization for a merger, acquisition or IPO
  • Providing guidance and stability through a period of organizational change
  • Driving innovation to shake up the status quo

How does Ropella match your organization with an Interim Executive or Consultant?

Your dedicated Client Partner will interview you, carefully listening for opportunities, problems, what's needed and how to clearly communicate, strategize and promote your expert challenges. They will work thoughtfully to make sure all expectations are fully aligned before leveraging our massive database, global networks and industry relationships in search of the solution that will best fulfill your needs.

There are a number of benefits your organization can reap from employing one of Ropella's Interim Executives or Consultants.

  • Dedicated, highly qualified expert and mentor to develop team members.
  • Our experts have extensive experience with management of short-term, disruptive transformation.
  • Catalyze change and disrupt the status quo by offering a fresh perspective on organizational challenges with a focus on results.
  • Minimize disruption associated with a vacancy or crisis - Interim Executives and Consultants can typically start within 24-48 hours and will commit to staying until a full-time candidate has been found or their objective has been met, depending on the organizational need
  • Improved Executive Search results - Interim Executives take some of the pressure off of an Executive Search assignment so that the hiring team can focus on getting it right; additionally, they can offer on-the-job insights that inform search decisions.