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Succession Planning


Plan for Success with Succession Planning

If faced with the following choice, which avenue would you prefer: Undergoing an external search for a new C-suite executive, or undergoing an external search for a new entry-level employee?

The answer here seems pretty obvious - it is much easier and less risky to hire an entry-level employee than a C-suite executive - but, in reality, you don't get to make that choice. The choice is made for you when an employee resigns.

With succession planning, though, you can open that choice. By pre-identifying and developing your best talent, you ensure that you have new leaders in place who can replace current leaders when they leave. Then, when an opening suddenly arises in the C-suite, you have a VP that you know can fill their shoes - and a Director who can replace the VP, a Manager who can replace the Director. You no longer have to conduct an external search to replace that CXO, and instead can focus your search efforts on an easier-to-fill position.

As proposed in the Harvard Business Review, Succession Planning might better be named Succession Development, because simply planning which employees would be good options for promotion isn't enough. Instead, you must invest in the thorough development of those high-potential employees, to ensure they are properly prepared to assume the mantle of greater responsibility when the time comes.

About Ropella's SMART Succession Planning

Succession Planning is about identifying your employees' strengths and weaknesses, matching them against requirements for successive positions and then developing a roadmap for them to develop the additional skills they will need in preparation for advancement. Ropella undertakes this complex process in four primary stages:

  1. Identify key roles for Succession Planning.
  2. Define related competencies and motivational profiles relevant to the identified roles.
  3. Assess current and prospective employees against these criteria with a future orientation - including personality and cognitive testing, as well as team-based interviewing and simulations.
  4. Design and implement development programs for employees to prepare for eventual advancement - including relevant experiences, mentoring relationships, job shadowing, etc.

Key Components of Ropella's SMART RPO

Employment Branding and Onboarding are two key components that set Ropella's SMART RPO apart from our Executive Search processes. These two endeavors have a significant impact on the success or failure of your hiring efforts: while employment branding is the single most important factor in attracting and hiring the best professionals in your industry, a great onboarding experience is the single most important factor in retaining that top talent.

Benefits Overview

Benefits of partnering with Ropella's SMART Succession Planning include:

  • Make better staffing decisions for key positions
  • Improve employee commitment & retention
  • Counter increasing difficulty and costs of recruiting employees externally
  • Smooth transition periods
  • Use your results to focus recruiting efforts on strategic talent gaps
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