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Contract, toll, and custom manufacturing is a process which – when implemented properly – can be mutually beneficial to both the manufacturer and the hiring firm. They allow companies to focus on their core competencies rather than the production process, while greatly lowering the costs of manufacturing products. Economies of scale, pre-established equipment and best-practices, and relationships with raw material suppliers can all contribute to the savings that contract, toll, and custom manufacturers can offer to companies. Many of these manufacturers can even offer valuable input on product improvement during the design for manufacturability process.

Outsourcing production is not without its risks. Companies are handing over control of production, especially where quality and flexibility are concerned. Most importantly, they are entrusting manufacturers with their intellectual property; those who succeed in this industry, have scientific and technical skills along with an unblemished reputation for integrity.

Our Solutions

With over 35 years as a global search leader, delivering the Most Advanced Search Execution Capabilities, Ropella has proven many times over, to be extremely well-versed at solving the most challenging “needle in a haystack” searches. While at the same time managing Talent Selection & Development as a Primary Asset for ROI.

As a bestselling author of The Right Hire and a highly experienced practitioner, Patrick Ropella developed the SMART Search System®, regarded as one of the most well respected, Talent Centric Executive Search Solutions available.

The typical roles our search consultants serve

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    Environmental, Health & Safety

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    Research & Development

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    Business Management

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