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The process of fermentation is one of the oldest industries; its history trails back nearly 10,000 years, to the discovery of a jar of wine dated 7000 BC. And humans are not alone in their quest for fermented drinks; in autumn, drunken elk are a common sight in Sweden, as they enjoy eating fermented apples that have fallen from trees. The study of fermentation is far more important than just “searching for a good time”, however: Eduard Buechner’s discovery of the fermenting enzymes in yeast is considered the birth of biochemistry, and Louis Pasteur is one of history’s most famous scientists due to his development of pasteurization, which culls the fermenting microorganisms that causes spoilage in milk.

Fermentation continues to be crucial to the food and beverage industry today, influencing the creation of not just wine and beer, but also sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, kombucha, and yogurt just to name a few. Fermentation plays a key role in other industries, as well, including personal care. Most recently, it has huge influence on the field of biotechnology, naturally promoting products for a variety of uses.

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With over 35 years as a global search leader, delivering the Most Advanced Search Execution Capabilities, Ropella has proven many times over, to be extremely well-versed at solving the most challenging “needle in a haystack” searches. While at the same time managing Talent Selection & Development as a Primary Asset for ROI.

As a bestselling author of The Right Hire and a highly experienced practitioner, Patrick Ropella developed the SMART Search System®, regarded as one of the most well respected, Talent Centric Executive Search Solutions available.

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    Environmental, Health & Safety

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    Research & Development

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    Business Management

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