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Although flavor seems a simple concept on the surface, it is actually quite complex. It comprises not just literal taste, but is also strongly influenced by other senses, including smell and sight. Foods actually have two separate (albeit related) flavor smells – one sensed through inhalation before ingestion, and one sensed through exhalation while the food is still in the mouth. The appearance of food can also affect our sensation of flavor, especially where coloration is concerned. Finally, expectation can influence the flavors we taste; as anyone who has bitten into something expecting something totally different can attest.

In recent years, the debate of natural versus artificial ingredients has taken the forefront of the flavor industry. In practice, though, there is often little to no difference between the two, except for the process through which it is obtained. In most cases, artificial flavors are at least as safe (if not safer, due to the controlled nature of the reactions that produce them) as natural flavors. Still, to keep up with shifting consumer demands, flavor companies must likewise shift their development processes towards more natural solutions.

Our Solutions

With over 35 years as a global search leader, delivering the Most Advanced Search Execution Capabilities, Ropella has proven many times over, to be extremely well-versed at solving the most challenging “needle in a haystack” searches. While at the same time managing Talent Selection & Development as a Primary Asset for ROI.

As a bestselling author of The Right Hire and a highly experienced practitioner, Patrick Ropella developed the SMART Search System®, regarded as one of the most well respected, Talent Centric Executive Search Solutions available.

The typical roles our search consultants serve

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    Environmental, Health & Safety

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    Research & Development

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    Business Management

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