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Industry Overview

Polyester fabrics hit their first peak in the 1970s with popular polyester suits. Though those fashions quickly faded, polyester has recently seen a resurgence thanks to the advent of microfibers. While polyester was one incorrectly thought to be cheap and uncomfortable, these microfibers have allowed the creation of fabrics that are so smooth they are virtually indistinguishable from silk.

Although fabric might be the first thing most people think of when they hear ‘polyester’, there are a variety of other applications for this durable plastic from computer mouse pads to car tire reinforcement. In fact, the most prevalent use for this material is PET plastic bottles, which offer portable, shatterproof protection for sodas and other beverages.



With almost 35 years as a top plastics industry recruitment agency, Ropella is well-versed in the challenges companies face in their search to find highly qualified professionals. As talent acquisition specialists, we excel at attracting, recruiting and building relationships with potential candidates. Our executive search consultants stay abreast of current industry trends making Ropella a knowledgeable, efficient and effective partner for recruiting top plastics talent.

A proven executive search firm, Ropella is dedicated to helping companies gain a competitive advantage by providing customized and strategic talent solutions. We leverage our industry expertise, proprietary SMART search system and global network to deliver exceptional results quickly for even the most challenging searches. Successful industry leaders count on Ropella to find the right talent to drive their business forward.

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