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Cement, Asphalt and Concrete Admixtures

Overview Industry Overview:

Cement, asphalt, and concrete are the literal foundation of our infrastructure. They aren’t just the materials that roads, sidewalks, and parking lots are comprised of; they are also essential components of the buildings we live and work in. Working with wet concrete can be a difficult process, as proportions and timing must be exact if the finished product is to work as intended.

Admixtures have become vital to the mixing and setting processes. These additives can retard or accelerate the setting rate, which helps construction workers counter the effects of hot and cold temperatures. They can also be used to reduce the amount of water needed to reach the required slump, producing higher-strength concrete without also having to increase the amount of cement contained within. Air-entrainers are additives which can be used to create tiny air pockets within the concrete, making it more resistant to freeze-thaw conditions.

App Common Applications:

  • Admixtures – chemical, mineral, production, etc.
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Concrete textures
  • Pervious concrete
  • Asphalt, bitumen, natural, manufactured
  • Petroleum
  • Distillation
  • Aggregate particles – sand, slag, etc.
  • Compounds
  • Asphalt concrete
  • Rolled asphalt concrete
  • Mastic asphalt
  • Asphalt emulsion
  • Oil sands
  • Health, safety issues – silicosis, carbon dioxide etc.
  • Roofing shingles, cattle sprays, lacquers
  • Alternative asphalt
  • Set-retarding, air-entrapment, water-reducing, etc.

Solutions Solutions:

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Cement, Asphalt and Concrete Admixtures


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Executive Level Management Business Management (such as general management, executive, manager, director, vice president, c-suite and board member, commercial development, merger, acquisition, joint venture).
Investment Experts Venture Capital / Private Equity (such as administration and finance, commercial development, executive level management, human resources, mfg., marketing, r&d, sales)

Thank you for your very thorough and detailed comments in the offer negotiations. I’m really impressed by the quality of the information. I also appreciated your prompt responses and the Checkster reference/personality profile was very helpful. I look forward to our continued partnership.

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Cement, Asphalt & Concrete Admixtures
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