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Chemical Engineering

Overview Industry Overview:

The ability to translate raw materials or chemical discoveries into real-world products is the hallmark of the successful chemical engineer. He or she must always keep an eye on safety, costs and marketability while staying inquisitive and eager to solve problems. The projects can involve anything “from potato chips to microchips,” as one industry bulletin proclaimed.

This job is demanding and multifaceted, calling for knowledge of technology, engineering, physics and chemistry. The challenges include planning, modeling of processes, and project designs.

In addition to his or her field, a top chemical engineer often is knowledgeable about other areas – including development, design, production and technical sales. A chemical engineer also must communicate well and work effectively with people in numerous other fields as projects require. Depending on their area, chemical engineers must also be very informed about their work’s impact on the environment and the role of government regulation.

App Common Applications:

  • Analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Safety
  • Technology
  • Knowledge of other sciences

Solutions Solutions:

With almost 35 years as a top executive recruitment agency, Ropella is well-versed in the challenges companies face in their search to find highly qualified professionals. As talent acquisition specialists, we excel at attracting, recruiting and building relationships with potential candidates. Our executive search consultants stay abreast of current industry trends making Ropella a knowledgeable, efficient and effective partner for recruiting top chemical talent.

A proven executive search firm, Ropella is dedicated to helping companies gain a competitive advantage by providing customized and strategic talent solutions. We leverage our industry expertise, proprietary smart search system and global network to deliver exceptional results quickly for even the most challenging searches. Successful industry leaders count on Ropella to find the right talent to drive their business forward.

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Chemical Engineering


On behalf of myself and the other two members of Thomas Swan’s team charged with finding our new President of Swan Chemical Inc., I would like to say thank you for Ropella’s excellent planning and execution of the search which met all of our needs.  We ended up with the optimum person in this position. Your disciplined search system and superior personnel definitely worked well, even shortly after a devastating hurricane hit the Gulf Coast!

I was impressed with Ropella’s attention to detail in ascertaining our needs, developing the optimum candidate profile and preparing the skills survey, which helped in getting an understanding of candidates beyond the “all good news” that is in resumes. The psychological profiling and innovative reference checking also cut out the positive bias in how these aspects are presented by candidates. The compensation spreadsheet was useful in looking at entire compensation picture from the point of view of the finalists.

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd.
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