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Robbie shares her thoughts…
The New Year has arrived, and with it comes a busy season of attending tradeshows for both Pat and me. Since I am a very social individual, I look forward to attending all of the shows, dinners, and networking events. The struggle that I see everyone experiencing is how to stick to a new year’s resolution of eating healthy and being committed to exercise while maintaining such a demanding schedule. 

Before I left for the ACI, Pat & I had started a low carb diet, and I had shed 8 pounds very quickly. The intent was to stay on this diet the whole week I was there, but, needless to say, my resolve lasted only 3 days. Instead of sticking to the menu, I opted for the buffet one morning for breakfast, and everything went downhill from there. Pat then pointed out that they had chocolate stuffed croissants that tasted almost as good as the ones we had in Paris…and that was my Achilles heel. 

Since we got back from the ACI, once again, we are pressing forward and doing well in our eating habits - but I am not looking forward to the next tradeshow, which is just around the corner. So I am looking for creative ideas to keep me on the straight and narrow path of healthy eating. Share some of your ideas with us in the comments section below!

Pat responds…
At our next trade show, I suggest we pre-order breakfast on up to our room. That way we will not be so tempted to eat those chocolate filled croissants. We can also share our meals for lunch and dinner, which will cut our calories in half. Besides, food portions at most restaurants are way oversized.

Hey, if anyone else has any dining-habit suggestions, I’m all ears! I can hear my stomach growling already.