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Ropella is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Jackson Stevens Resume service.

JSR has trademarked their 7-dimensional resume development process, inventing an entirely new look, feel, and quality in resume development. We have never seen anything like it and we have we never endorsed a resume development service before. As a result, JSR produces genuinely unique and powerful Executive & Leadership Candidate resumes that simply get more interviews. If you have ever missed out on a critical opportunity that you knew you had all the right credentials for, it was because your resume did not communicate it.

JSR has ex-CEO’s work one to one with you to transform your document into a unique and truly exceptional personal marketing instrument. Through our association with JSR, candidates who are referred by Ropella are given more than the standard treatment. JSR offers a free 30-minute consultation where we’ll take your resume and show you where you can improve it for yourself if you wish.

When you, your family members, friends or associates needs a resume that makes a strong first impression, we endorse the JSR system. Contact them today. Tell them Ropella sent you!