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PENSACOLA, FLORIDA, MAY 29, 2018—This year has seen a flood of work for recruiters around the country, thanks to favorable economic conditions that encourage corporations to boost their workforces and expand their industrial capabilities.

To support these efforts, The Ropella Group recently broke ground on a 2,500 ft2 auxiliary building, and they have additional plans to construct a 15,000 ft2, two-story expansion on their current facilities.  This new office space is essential as the company continues to expand – in the last 18 months, they have added 13 promising young professionals to their in-house workforce (a 40% increase).  They plan to continue this growth with an ultimate goal of more than doubling the size of their workforce over the next 5 years.

To support the development of their headquarters, the Santa Rosa County Commission awarded Ropella with a Super Qualified Target Industry incentive– an incentive for new growth or expansion of local businesses.